Tanya Anisimova

Creo's Winning Contemporary Music Recital

Picture a stage, bare except for a lithe female seated on a chair playing a cello and you will have an image of the experience of Tanya Anisimova playing Bach's Sonata No.1 in G Minor for solo violin, BWV 1001. Imagining the sound of the music is more difficult to conjure. Ms. Anisimova arranged this violin piece for cello. Creatively she has re- imagined this familiar piece as Bach might have written it had he all the resources of the contemporary cello. The concert at Chandler Hall, December 2, 2002 also featured Song on Mt. San Angelo, a solo piece written by Ms. Anisimova (b.1966) as part of a project while a resident at the Virginia Center for Creative Arts housed at Mt. San Angelo, an estate in Northern Virginia. Most impressive in this two-part composition, which makes extensive use of double stops, is the second section's somber, deeply moving beauty and richness with a second and third voice created on a solo instrument.

After intermission Ms. Anisimova returned to play a piece written for her by Ezra Laderman (b.1924) at Yale, Single Voice (1993). It is a highly structured improvisation and was performed by her with great freedom. As with much modern music, it is an assemblage of musical statements. With Ms. Anisimova playing it became a virtuosic showpiece.

ARTSONG UPDATE - December, 2002
by John Campbell